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~ 2010 Buffalo Music Awards ~

When starting the Buffalo Music Awards in 1981 our intention was to bring attention to all musicians performing in the WNY Music Community. Over the 30 year history of the Music Awards we annually tried to make changes to update the awards and make it representative of what was happening in the community. Regardless of what ever upgrades are made there will always be complaints.
The major annual complaints were: Why wasn't this band or individual nominated, the same people/bands are nominated every year, the same people/bands win every year and it's a popularity contest.
This year we have tried to address all these complaints and following are the new procedures and guidelines:

Nomination Selection

" Must be involved in the WNY music community to participate in the nomination phase
" Voters must select 3 to 5 groups/individuals in each category
" Since you are a member of the WNY Music Community you should complete all categories
" Nomination selection will close on October 20, 2010

The Listing

" Selection should be made from the following list of bands/individuals
" This list includes every group and individual we could confirm performing this past year,
" Compiled by checking listings and computer info (web pages, my space, Facebook).
" Selection verifications were also made by email to confirm status and members
" If we missed someone or have incorrect data, it can be corrected
" This listing will be later available 12 months a year for additions, deletions and changes


" The top 10 groups or individuals of each category will be listed as the nominees


" Will be open to the General Public
" Ballot will be posted on October 25 with votes accepted until November 15
" Voters must select two people per category
" No mail in votes will be accepted
" With all voting by computer, programming will disqualify duplicate votes
" The BMA reserves the right to disqualify potential fraudulent votes and votes that cannot be verified.
" Periodic random checks of votes will be conducted

Hall of Fame (HOF) & Buffalo Music Awards Hall of Achievement (BMA HOA)

" Bands and individuals that have won their category for the past three years or groups that dominated it over the past decade are going into the BMA HOA.
" Individuals inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame cannot be nominated
" Individuals inducted into the Buffalo Music Awards Hall of Achievement cannot be nominated
" If a band is inducted into the HOF or BMA HOA the members of the band can request that they not be eligible for nomination

30th Annual 2010 Buffalo Music Awards Event

" Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at Club Infinity. Open to the public - 21 and over event


" will have information on and a history of the Music Awards

Rick and Marsha Falkowski - Founders/Producers

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