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Due to changes in the Buffalo Music Scene and people’s attitudes towards awards shows, the reason for having a music awards is no longer viable.  Regardless of how the nominees and awards winners are selected, there will be complaints.  When the results cause animosity between musicians, the show creates more harm than good and is no longer worth continuing.

We would like to thank Molson, Mighty Taco, Club Infinity and the many plaque sponsors that were willing to assist in presenting the 2011 Buffalo Music Awards. After the changes we made last year we are happy to retire the BMAs with dignity and integrity. We were honored to be given the opportunity to promote Buffalo Music for the past 30 years.

Rick & Marsha Falkowski (Buffalo Music Awards 1981-2010)



Return to Industry VOTING

In 2010 we made a number of changes in attempt to improve the BMA’s.  We feel a lot was accomplished last year but additional changes are still necessary, so we will make more improvements in 2011.

The most important item that requires attention is the voting process.  With general public voting and the availability of the internet for voter solicitation, the general consensus is the awards are a popularity contest.  The public seems to feel the winner is the group/individual with the largest email list or that is the most computer proficient vote solicitor.  Therefore, we are returning to music industry only voting.

The BMA’s had industry only voting in the past.  Many people felt the results were more representative of talent than popularity, but more people felt it was wrong to leave the public out of the selection process.  We changed back to general public voting but now realize the integrity of the votes is more important than including the general public in the selection process.

This year the nomination phase will select the 10 nominees per category.  Industry only balloting will then select the top group/individual from the nomination list.  The Listing on buffalomusicawards.com will be the selection basis for the nominations.  Write in votes will not be allowed because The Listing can be updated at any time when there is an addition or change required.  Once nomination voting starts no further changes can be made to The Listing, so make sure your information is correct.

We are considering additional improvements for the BMA’s in 2011.  We are reviewing these possible improvements and after discussing them with our sponsors, we will be make announcements before the nomination phase of the BMA’s begins.



When we started the Buffalo Music Awards in 1981 it was our objective to bring attention to all musicians performing in WNY, not just those who were nominated or won music awards.
2010 marked the 30th anniversary of the Buffalo Music Awards and many changes were made to improve the BMA’s.
The buffalomusicawards.com web site represents a further extension of the changes because with the web site the BMA’s will be active year round to promote the WNY entertainment community.
In addition to providing information on the BMA’s, this web site will provide general information on Buffalo Music, along with keeping you updated on current events.

  • The BMA Archives lists the winners, photos (when available) and information on all 30 Buffalo Music Awards from 1981-2010.

  • The BMA HOA section has bios & photos on all of the 21 Hall of Achievement inductees.

  • The Yearbook section has short bullet point facts on all of the 2010 BMA nominees.

  • The Looking Back section – We are in the process of gathering information on areas bands, places and events from the past.

  • The Music News section provides updates on current events which includes New Groups.

  •  The Calendar is a listing of special music related events.

  • The Listing is a continuous list of all the bands and musicians performing in WNY that we are aware of. This is also the exclusive BMA database for the 2011 BMA industry nominations.


Passing the torch:

Buffalo Music Awards turn 30

Mick Hayes performing The annual Buffalo Music Awards gala has changed shape repeatedly over the past 30 years.

Its origins were humble, but by the dawn of the 1990s, the yearly party had become a can't-miss event for every musician and music-lover in Buffalo. By the mid-'90s, however, some members of the music community began to sense a shift in the BMA paradigm, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued. Read More

Click here for listing of 2010 BMA results



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