Black Widow



Formed over 14 years ago Black Widow is one of the hardest working bands in Western New York playing over 200 shows per year at lawn fetes, festivals, clubs, weddings, corporate and private events.

Members and Instruments:

  • Lana Marie Hergert - Lead Vocals
  • John Coccia - Bass, Vocals
  • Dustin Francis - Guitar,Vocals
  • Joe Dehlinger - Drums

       Former Members:

  • Joe Martucci
  • Darren James
  • Rene Harris
  • Dan Kaplin
  • Pat Pauly
  • Brad Peace
  • Jeff Becker
  • Jon White
  • Bobby Majack
  • Joe Suplicki
  • Michael Hund
  • Leo Gastle
  • Mike Schunk
  • Pat O'Connell

Over the history of the band, this group which has included many of the top musicians in WNY, has retained the versatility to cover all your favorite songs in any style of music, from party, rock, dance, country and alternative. They retained the ability to customize the night of music to fit it's specific needs.

Completely self managed, marketed and with calendar booking within the band, the current lineup of the Black Widow Band has collectively been awarded about 50 area music awards, including 15 best Female Vocalist awards for Lana. John Coccia has won many BMA's as a member of the country group Bareback Jack, with the duo Simpleton, a new group award with The Michael Bly Band and with the rock band White Lies.

Many different musicians have been member of The Black Widow Band over the bands career but there has always been one constant focus in the band, Lana as lead vocalist.

Buffalo Music Awards Won:

  • 2010 Buffalo Music Awards Hall of Achievement
  • 2009 Top Rock Band
  • 2008 Top Rock Band
  • 2007 Top Rock Band
  • 2006 Top Rock Band
  • 2005 Top Rock Band
  • 2004 Top Rock Band
  • 2003 Top Rock Band
  • 2002 Top Rock Band
  • 2001 Top Rock Band
  • 1998 Top Rock Band

Other Awards:

  • 2005 People's Choice Awards - Top Rock Band
  • 2004 People's Choice Awards - Top Rock Band
  • 2003 People's Choice Awards - Top Rock Band


Sidebar photos: Carl Cederman
Buffalo Music Awards - Club Infinity - November 23,2010

Website: www.blackwidowband.net

Black Widow - 2010 Poster

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