Nikki Hicks



Born October 10, 1971 Nikki Hicks was given the talent of singing by God. She started singing at the age of 2 years old and would mimic artists like Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughan and Mahalia Jackson. As a child she was drawn to gospel music and the blues. Her first solo was the Aretha Franklin version of "Precious Lord" at the age of four for her Head Start Graduation ceremony. It was there were she felt the calling to sing to the world. From that point on she started singing with church choirs and school chorale ensembles.

As time went by the hunger to share her gift with the world increased. At the age of 23 she entered a talent show at former club Jasmine and won first place, in which she was sent to represent Buffalo at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York where she won the talent show competition three times in a row in 1993 and 1994. After that she joined various local bands Living Proof and Animal Planet in which she toured with both bands doing the USO tours to entertain our troops around the world. She sang in 32 different countries from 1996-2002.

Nikki gives her thanks to the Legendary Rodney Appleby for his presence in her life as a teacher, lover of music and father figure. In 2002 Nikki was told by Rodney Appleby to get her own band and do it her way. Nikki took his advice and since 2003 she has had her own band that has changed names many times Nikki Hicks and Soul Music Redemption, Nikki Hicks and the SoulmusicSouljah's and currently Nikki Hicks and Momma's Biscutts. Nikki believes that music is the food for the soul. Music uplifts, heals, reveals, encourages, inspires and brings back remembrance of day's gone by. Nikki also believes her purpose in this life is to keep soul music alive.

Buffalo Music Awards Won :

  • 2010 Buffalo Music Awards Hall of Achievement
  • 2009 R&B Female Vocalist
  • 2008 R&B Female Vocalist
  • 2007 R&B Female Vocalist
  • 2006 R&B Female Vocalist
  • 2004 R&B Female Vocalist
  • 2003 R&B Female Vocalist

Other Award Won:

  • 2005 People's Choice Awards


Sidebar photos by Carl Cederman

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