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Show Band



Prince Pablo Ferrette – Steel Drum, Vocals
Bobby Dee – Tenor steel drum
Sherrie C – Vocals, Percussion
Mornalisa – Vocals, Percussion
Princess Shemika – Vocals, Percussion
Curton Charles – Tenor Steel Drum
DarrmorFrancois – Percussion

  • The original band was formed 43 years ago in 1967
  • Won BMA for “World Beat Band” category in 1994
  • They have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Newfoundland, Japan, South Korea and Dubai of the United Arab Emirates
  • Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown proclaimed Saturday, October 20, 2007, as “Paul Ferrette’s Caribbean Extravaganza Day” on their 40th Anniversary
  •  “Island Memories”, “Sunset in Paradise”, “Caribbean Holiday” and “Caribbean Memories” are the titles of the 4 CDs they released
  • Princess Shemika set the female world’s record for the lowest limbo of 8.5”. This was accomplished live on the ”Regis & Kelly Show” on September 16, 2010
  • Web: www.caribbeanextravaganza.com



Courtney Weather – Vocals
Marky Chimes – Guitar, Vocals
Slick Ric – Bass, Vocals
Disco Dave – Drums, Vocals

  • For over a decade Disco Duck has bought back the fun carefree times of the disco era
  • Website: www.discoduckband.com



Joe Mombrea – Guitar, Vocals
C. Jerry Sampson – Bass, Vocals
Jim Linsner – Drums
Pat Georger – Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Runfola – Tenor Sax, Vocals
Harry Fackelman – Alto/Baritone Sax
Rick Keller – Trumpet
Jeff Marsha – Trombone, Vocals

  • JJ Swing is an eight-piece high energy party band that was formed in 1998
  • They perform a wide variety of music featuring hits by: Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Steely Dan, Brian Setzer and The Blues Brothers to name a few
  • Website: www.jjswing.com



  • Established in 2004, Nick performs a show consisting of material by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Ray Charles and Michael Buble



Chris ‘Brotha Love’ Hart – Drums, Vocals
Tim ‘Tricky T’ Mroz – Guitar
Jon ‘Leroy Long’ Schindler – Bass
Jon ‘Hustlin’ Hensaw’ – Keyboards
Matt ‘Shorty’ Schroeder – Trumpet
Andy ‘Large’ Leon – Trumpet
‘Silky’ J. Weitzel – Saxophones
Drew ‘D-Bone’ Karkaeu – Trombone
Mike ‘Diamond” Ihde – Sax, Clarinet

  • The Pimps were formed in 2001
  • Have headlined at Gateway Harbor Concert Series,  Dunkirk Music on the Pier, and the Olcott Pirate Festival
  • Most of the members are also members of Buffalo’s Dyngus Day Darlings “Those Idiots”
  • Won for “Best Horn Section” in the  Buffalo Music Awards
  • Tim Mroz is also a member of original rock  band “The Corrections”
  • Web: www.nickelcitypimpchoir.com






Bernadette Trinca – Lead Vocals
Sal Trinca – Drums
Mark Marinaccio – Keyboards, Vocals
Tony Dalfonso - Lead Guitar
Rick Ryan – Bass
Rick Miller – Percussion
Kenny Broomell – Tenor Sax
Justin Carere- Alto Sax
Bruce Levitt – Trumpet

  • Party of Nine formed in 2007 by husband and wife team, Bernadette Trinca and Sal Trinca
  • Playing Rock, R&B and Dance material  they appeal to all ages and play a lot of private events such as weddings, country clubs and parties
  • Rick Ryan, member of Weekend, was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 2000
  • In 1997 Drummer Sal Trinca inducted into Buffalo Music Hall of Fame as member of The Road
  • Website: www.partyofnine.com



Carole ‘Coolie’ Tobin – Lead Vocals
Greg‘ Tobes’ Tobin – Keyboards, Tenor Sax
Jon ‘Taz’ Kuwik - Drums
Steve ‘Sauce’ Barrick – Bass
Michele ‘Glow Girl’ Kuwik – Vocals
Santina ‘Sheena’ Dorazio – Vocals

  • ROAR84 plays renditions of 80’s Dance, New Wave, and Pop/Rock material
  • They pay tribute to the artists and songs which were on the cutting edge in the 80’s
  • Guitarist, Steve Barrick performs with national recording artist  Willie Nile a few times a year
  • Was the opening band for “A Flock Seagulls” in 2006 and for ”Tiffany” in 2010
  • ROAR was originally an acronym for - Resurrection of Alternative Retro-
  • Former member on Guitar, bass and vocals was Tom ‘Sketch’ Ciezki
  • Webpage: www.roar84.com




Richie Derwald – Vocals
Debbie Derwald – Vocals
Jamie Dinero – Sax, Keyboards
Steve Crammer – Drums

  • Van Taylor is music director and orchestrator for large projects
  • Formed in 1982,for over 20 years, Richie & Debbie have produced more than 15 different tribute and variety shows
  • Have headlined in Canada, Las Vegas, 1,000 Islands and Florida
  • Recorded “In Charge Now”, a non-smoking campaign for teens
  • Recorded “Reach Out”, an awareness campaign for the WNY Food Bank
  • Video of original rock opera entitled “Judged Man”
  • Other recordings include: “Changes”, best of their originals from 1984-2001
  • Website: www.superstarsalive.com



Sherri Mex – Vocals
Nicole Zahn – Vocals
Danielle Calato – Vocals
Ricky Chudz - Guitar
Steve Lopez - Bass
Rick Allen – Keyboards
Chris McMahon – Drums

  • Formed by drummer Chris McMahon in 2007
  • The Diva Show Band combines a wide variety of mainstream music along with a continuous assortment of costume changes
  • Can produce a variety of designed shows from the 50’s/60’s sock-hops to 70’s/80’s disco/retro parties
  • At special events they are joined by the mini-divas
  • In 2010 performed at many special events including: Burgerfest, Erie County Fair, Taste of Lancaster and the Tomato Festival
  • Website: divashowband.com
    Photo by: John Dutkiewicz


Myron Debutat – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mojo Mergler – Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Mroz – Guitar
Jason Schindler – Bass
Chris Hart – Drums, Vocals
Mike Ihde – Clarinet
Jason Weitzel – Saxophone
Drew Karkeau – Trombone
Andy Leon – Trumpet
Matt Schroeder – Trumpet, Vocals

  • Former band member – Mike Morrisey, Bass
  • Those Idiots were formed in 1997 by Myron Debutat and Mojo Mergler
  • Many members of the band are members of the “Nickel City Pimp Choir”
  • In addition, Myron fronts the band “Myron and the Id”;  Mojo is in the “Thirsty Blues Band”; Tim Mroz is in “The Corrections” and Matt Schroeder is in “Wilde’s”
  • In 2008 released a CD “I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll All Night and Polka Every Day”
  • Those Idiots won a BMA for “Best New Band” and was nominated twice for “Best Show Band” in the Buffalo Music Awards
  • They have headlined Dyngus Day for several years at various events and have been dubbed “Buffalo’s Dyngus Day Darlings”
  • Web: www.thoseidiots.com/info.aspx